Aaron M. Laxton

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Join us on 12/1/2014 for World AIDS Day

AIDS on Art Hill is the brain-child of HIV/AIDS activist Aaron M. Laxton. Aaron is thankful to have a team of devoted volunteers who are making this dream to come true. The voice's of a lost generation should never be forgotten. 

During the early morning hours of December 1st, volunteers will spell out the word "AIDS" using tea light candles placed in bags on Art Hill in Forest Park. Each letter will be approximately 25 feet tall and 15 feet wide. This will serve as a visual that media outlets can use and will provide air-time to address to issue of HIV/AIDS in Missouri and across the country. Issues that will be addressed include prevention, testing and criminalization. 

 WHY: This visual will be aired on both local and national news and help to raise awareness of ongoing issues.

WHO: This event is being coordinated by Aaron Laxton with 25 volunteers including Terry Laupp and Chad Carroll (Co-Sponsors of Black & Lou/ Mr. Missouri) assisting with logistics and coordination.